FEPA news o výstave BRATISLAVAFILA 2023

BRATISLAVA 2023 from the Union of Slovak Philatelists

The Chairman of the Union of Slovak Philatelists, Pavol Lazar, sent us the following communication for the FEPA News readers:

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic, the Union of Slovak Philatelists in cooperation with the Slovak Post is organizing during the Bratislava Collector’s Days, in June 2-4, 2023, in Bratislava, a National Philatelic Exhibition of  3rd  to 1st degree with international participation in all exhibition classes.

Several world rarities as well as a cross-section of the history of philately in Slovakia will also be presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to exhibits (including single-frame) belonging to exhibitors of all ages, including young people. All those interested to exhibit a new exhibit or increase the qualification of an existing exhibit for higher-level exhibitions (international, world) need to register by January 31, 2023, to the General Commissioner, Peter Osusky, peter.osusky@yahoo.sk, or to the Chairman Pavol Lazar, zsflazar@gmail.com.


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